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On-demand and live training

Learn Power Automate and Power Pages in our free, popular workshops – see Events page for dates and registration

FutureAbility Academy with short courses about Power Platform, governance and project management

For a small investment, bring people together to learn part of Power Platform and ideate the possible solutions in a private workshop. Contact us for details.


Strategy and governance

Best practice vision and governance advice for all organisations. From essential governance to strategic planning.

Install, configure and analyse results of CoE Starter Kit, and CoE-as-a-Service.

Structured 7-dimensional framework for setting innovation strategy.


Leverage Power Platform experts

Assess potential transformative solutions – approach, licensing and tech.

Stakeholder mapping, backlog creation and rapid prototyping.

Delivery framework with sprint planning, delivery and release management.

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Outcome based projects, annual services subscriptions or pay-as-you-go support hours. 

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Low-code signals 2023 & Microsoft earnings calls

We are sitting at the midpoint of the low-code shift, the low-code revolution. The low-code shift is going to happen in five to six years and we’re right in the middle of it.

Power Platform solutions free time save money reduce errors replace apps integrate seamlessly

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