Focus on what’s important.
Computers can do the rest.

Microsoft Power Automate

Focus on what's important and
we'll automate the rest

Microsoft Power Apps

Application development at 70% cost of traditional coding methods

In-a-Day Workshops

Prepare your team for citizen development with our courses

We help companies automate repetitive business processes: 
to free time, save money and reduce errors.

LET BOTS DO THE work faster job 24/7 compliance boring

Using our Priority Matrix methodology, we help you uncover candidates for automation and prioritise them

Bring the automated process to life with a targeting, quick, value-driven Proof of Concept

We work with your business users and technical team to analyse, build, implement and fortify automation.

For a fixed monthly fee over 2 years, we build and support your automated processes. Protection against API/UI changes and more.

Power Automate can connect to any on-premise or cloud API, using custom connectors. We can write and support these for you.

Establish an automation Centre of Excellence. Reskill the workforce with custom training packages. Manage change with transparency.

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Improved Compliance
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Productivity Gains
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Cost Reduction
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Increased Accuracy

Over 53% of businesses have started their Automation journey.

Source: Deloitte’s Global RPA Survey, 2018

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