API: The Ultimate Hub

For non-IT people, think of it as a USB port. So with our USB ports, we plug up USB drives, printers, phone chargers, cameras, etc. and they all, despite being different, can “talk” to our computer via the USB port. In this way, the USB port is much like an API (Application Programming Interface).

It’s basically a hub where all the programs in your network talk to each other and work together to get to the desired outcome.

Over 500 connectors are available for use in cloud flows and across Power Platform; they connect to many products and services, using APIs, that allow resilient, scalable automation.

But releasing these connectors into an organization without control introduces risk.

There are new connection action controls that are designed to give you fine-grained control over specific actions that can be allowed or blocked within a connector.

These Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies help you define and enforce rules for how data sources can be used to build apps, flows, and bots, at the tenant, or environment level.

These are part of the comprehensive governance features available on the Power Platform.

For more information, check out the link to the security whitepaper here.

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