Lockdown Stress

Like most people in NSW, I tune in to the daily 11am press conference, hoping that things are getting better; alas, for now, they are not. Yesterday, Dr Murray Wright, […]

Intelligent Automation – Under the Hood

“People should only have to focus on the tasks where they can bring unique human value.” Great vision, yeah? But what does it MEAN?  …and… …umm.. HOW?? “Intelligent Automation – […]

What can automation actually do?

The problem is that the people don’t know what automation can actually do. Vendors are terrible at communicating the capabilities in a way that makes sense – it’s all RPA […]

Boring is automatable

What makes a good automation candidate? The first word that comes to mind is “boring”. Those processes repeated over and over again to the same exact steps that need minimal […]

Power Automate Hackathon

Our friends over at NetDocuments are hosting a Power Automate Hackathon this year – with bragging rights and cash prizes for the winners. “Bring your thinking cap and Power Automate skills to […]

Intelligent Automation – Under The Hood

I enjoyed hosting this weeks’ “Intelligent Automation – Under The Hood” so much that I’m hosting it again next week 😃 The presentation is a high level overview of automation […]

Are humans the robots?

I talked to a company a few weeks ago, where they have a business process that people complete over 200 times a day. The high level process is:🔹 Select next record […]

Automation extracts

Remember that process from Monday’s post, where a CRM Agent had to follow a 9-step process, including steps from the 1990s such as “Print everything out” and “Carry documents to […]

FSI & Power Automate

We held our special event yesterday tailored for the Financial Services Industry. There were over 160 registrations and more than 50 people joined the call, which is amazing – thank […]