Chess, parcels and offices

The best human chess player will never again beat the best machine chess player. Just as a factory of human only parcel sorters will never again be as efficient as […]

Bots-as-a-Service – Mailbox and Document Processing

Document processing; not the most glamorous of business workflows but one that must be done effectively or everything falls over. 💷 Sales Orders💰 Invoices👮🏻 Identification Documents🚨 Claims Forms🏆 Employee Certifications🔐 […]


🚨 AUTOMATION SET TO GUT 1.5 MILLION JOBS FROM AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY 🚨 A Forrester report released yesterday says “Australia’s job market will shrink by 11%, or 1.5 million workers, by […]

Mystery case study at March Event

“The new solution💰 is 10x cheaper from a licensing cost☕️ has reduced development time by 4x⛅️ leverages cloud to scale to 6x more workload, and💪🏽 is much more resilient.” This […]

Is “automation intuition” a thing?

Is “automation intuition” a thing? I think yes – but it’s not distributed evenly. There’s a skill I’ve identified, called automation intuition – the sense that “this thing can be […]

Digital worker for less than $5k/year

Hire a digital worker for less than $5k/year with Power Automate. Train them in a repetitive yet important task for instant return on investment. An example: daily IT system checks. […]

“Citizen Developers” are a myth

Modern automation tools are ‘drag and drop’ easy and most people can accomplish something meaningful with them. But this doesn’t mean that we should expect Jenny from Accounts or Bob […]

Bots-as-a-Service – our client vision 🤖

We are developing BaaS for companies without in-house automation capability. It will offer companies the opportunity to outsource business process automation – analysis, design, build and support for a fixed […]