Automating tasks needs buy in from everyone or it will fail

yeah yeah but WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?

If you can’t explain the benefit of a change in a way that moves people, they will not buy-in to it – in fact, they are likely to resist it, subconsciously or intentionally.

Many companies on a strategic automation journey are ahead of their competition – realising efficiency gains, with a head start on the ability to innovate new ways of adding value.

For those that aren’t on a journey – but want to be – it could be a problem of buy-in. How do you automate low value tasks, if people don’t want any big change to affect their work?

Teams can’t eliminate rote tasks because people doing them don’t buy-in to automation initiatives.

It’s a perilous catch-22.

The most successful disruptive technology projects have a “change enabling” foundation – with 4 principles:

  • Transparency – precise scope: here’s what will / might / will not change
  • Talent – a core group of people likely to create a high performing team
  • Tailoring – of communications, both the medium and the message
  • Trust – that people accept change when treated with respect

It’s hard to lead and manage by these principles, no doubt. But the payoff could be survival vs decline.

What’s your #1 tip for leading people through profound change?

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