Automation communication lack of evolution leads to exclusion and confusion

Just like many posts about automation, there are too many confusing hashtags in this one.

Over the weekend, I read a Gartner report called “Move Beyond #RPA To Deliver #Hyperautomation” (2019). It’s a great report that describes a sensible approach to delivering automation at velocity and scale.

First step, align the business goals to an automation strategy, using the clear objectives of increasing revenue, reducing cost and managing risk.

So far, so good.

What tools and techniques do we use to do this?

In a paraphrased summary;

Simply take some #rpa#ProcessDiscovery and #ProcessMining: blend with #iBPMS, add #LowCode and a sprinkle of #BusinessRulesEngine. Then assemble this #DigitalOps toolbox ? with others, such as #AI and #iPaaS. Evolve from #TaskBased to #ComplementedRPA, aka #CoRPA.

Easy, right?

Just as businesses urgently need to understand the impact that automation at scale will have on them, we need to get better at communicating what it is and how to do it.

Despite my flippant summary, the report is definitely worth a read; check it out below.

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