Automation means your next employee might not be human

Companies are freezing recruitment – yet demands on corporate teams are anything but frozen.

How do teams keep on top of work without cutting service, especially in departments such as IT, Finance and HR?

All you need to do, according to hype, is ride the wave of “hyperautomation”. Build digital workers, and free humans to solve the higher order problems – simples!

Of course it’s not as easy as this. It’s difficult, and only a few are doing it with excellence.

As the world economic forum report in 2018 noted that, by 2025, over half of all tasks on Earth will be completed by robots or automation – including white collar work.

Why isn’t automation high on the agenda for *all* corporate teams? I think there are three reasons:

  • Awareness: people don’t know which platforms exist or what they can do
  • Buy-in: most of corporate culture does not embrace automation as a positive change or the responsibility of all departments- it’s still an IT-thing
  • Capture: discover and prioritise what processes to automate, and document them accurately

As companies of all sizes tackle their A-B-Cs, they are increasingly ready to recruit technology onto the team.

Which A-B-C resonates the most with you?

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