Automation platform swap outs in 2021!

Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, UIPath, Pegasystems, Kofax, Power Automate, etc etc etc – so many automation platforms; each with unique vision, benefits and experience (as the Gartner quadrant shows).

There’s an emerging trend to implement more than one platform, or swap one out for another. Savvy vendors are making it easier to swap, even creating bot conversion tools and services.

Sometimes, though, the swap out is forced – like WinAutomation.

WinAutomation is (was) an easy to use desktop RPA solution, acquired by Microsoft last year and quickly integrated into Power Platform as Power Automate Desktop.

Now all WinAutomation clients must convert all of their automations to Power Automate; luckily, Microsoft recently released a conversion utility to help with the task (I’ll link to it in the comments).

While one end of the market dithers in indecision, we have the other end engaged in platform swap outs and bot conversion – it really is a spectrum and fascinating to observe.

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