Bots can do tasks without you or the desktop computer

Digital workers can do tasks without needing you or a desktop computer.

Most modern software programs have an Application Programming Interface (API). Think of this as a set of rules how to make the application do something, in a common language. Digital workers are fluent in this language.

Power Automate lets you automate API to API, through over 300 pre-made connectors – or build your own.

In a very simple example, this means you can have a digital worker ‘watching’ for attachments in emails sent to a shared mailbox, and file all attachments to a Dropbox folder. If a file has certain words in it – perhaps a product or competitor name – the digital worker can send a Teams message to a channel.

All of this happens 24/7 without intervention from any human, and no computer – all within the Power Automate platform, talking to other platforms.

Here’s a link to our 10th December Event where you can watch some of this in action along with 3 other amazing features.

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