API: The Ultimate Hub

For non-IT people, think of it as a USB port. So with our USB ports, we plug up USB drives, printers, phone chargers, cameras, etc. and they all, despite being […]

Unstructured Document Processing? Yes, please.

Microsoft is expanding Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capabilities for Power Automate by adding support for unstructured document processing. AI Builder and Power Automate already have the capacity to build end-to-end […]

Is Tech Responsibility a requirement now?

“Tech Responsibility” is an individual’s technical curiosity along with their desire to adapt. Being “non-technical” is no longer a get-out clause; rephrase that to “I’m learning”. Tech Responsibility is knowing […]

Citizen Developer Stories, Vol.1: Neeha

Neeha Hussein works at a renewable packaging solutions company with over 80 sites, across Australia and New Zealand. “I’ve learned quite a lot of things in the RPA In a […]

4 day work week

Companies in the UK are trying out a 4 day week for 6 months. 100% pay, maintain 100% output for 80% time commitment. Technology enables a 4-day week. Learning how […]

Power Virtual Agents challenge

I played a lot with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents over the break, preparing for our next “In a Day” workshop. It was easy to create chatbots with complex workflows, automations, […]

Lockdown Stress

Like most people in NSW, I tune in to the daily 11am press conference, hoping that things are getting better; alas, for now, they are not. Yesterday, Dr Murray Wright, […]

Intelligent Automation – Under the Hood

“People should only have to focus on the tasks where they can bring unique human value.” Great vision, yeah? But what does it MEAN?  …and… …umm.. HOW?? “Intelligent Automation – […]

What can automation actually do?

The problem is that the people don’t know what automation can actually do. Vendors are terrible at communicating the capabilities in a way that makes sense – it’s all RPA […]