Is “automation intuition” a thing?

Is “automation intuition” a thing? I think yes – but it’s not distributed evenly. There’s a skill I’ve identified, called automation intuition – the sense that “this thing can be automated” or “lots of things in this business unit can be streamlined”, or “it’s 2021 – tech can do this” and being correct. I believed […]

Digital worker for less than $5k/year

Hire a digital worker for less than $5k/year with Power Automate. Train them in a repetitive yet important task for instant return on investment. An example: daily IT system checks. All around Australia, there are humans in corporate IT jobs who, each morning at a set time, open applications, test them, and tick a box […]

Has covid-19 pandemic accelerated “digital transformation”?

Is this true: the covid-19 pandemic has accelerated “digital transformation”? Office workers have been forced to adapt to remote working – *how* work gets done is changed. But *how* alone is not true “digital transformation”. We must include *what* gets done, and by *who* – human or machine. Companies with an automation strategy can answer […]

What do bird spotting and driving a car have in common?

Q: What do bird spotting and driving a car have in common? We once believed machines would never do these things, yet now they do. We thought that humans are the pinnacle of intelligence and capability. The *only* way that a machine can do a human task is to break it down, have the machine […]

“Citizen Developers” are a myth

Modern automation tools are ‘drag and drop’ easy and most people can accomplish something meaningful with them. But this doesn’t mean that we should expect Jenny from Accounts or Bob from HR to be competent automation developers. There is still a lot of complexity under the hood of the friendly user interfaces. Why should a […]

Bots-as-a-Service – our client vision 🤖

We are developing BaaS for companies without in-house automation capability. It will offer companies the opportunity to outsource business process automation – analysis, design, build and support for a fixed monthly fee over a fixed term. We’re looking for more companies to join our beta program. It’s a unique opportunity to co-create with us prior […]

Hurdle, don’t sprint.

“Top performers know that they’re running a hurdles race. Disruptions occur frequently. The 2020 Gartner CIO Survey found that half of enterprises experienced a major disruption within the past four years. CIOs might be misled by focusing on the specific circumstances of COVID-19 in their postpandemic strategy. They can best help by doing the small […]

CIO priorities for 2021 – “Remodeling core technologies”

According to Gartner: “Boards of directors have given CIOs a clear mandate: Use technology to speed the enterprise faster to its business goals. When asked to rank technologies they’re using or plan to use in the next year, digital workplace technologies to support work from home come out on top. Following behind are artificial intelligence/machine […]

Automation platform swap outs in 2021!

Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, UIPath, Pegasystems, Kofax, Power Automate, etc etc etc – so many automation platforms; each with unique vision, benefits and experience (as the Gartner quadrant shows). There’s an emerging trend to implement more than one platform, or swap one out for another. Savvy vendors are making it easier to swap, even creating […]

Digital Transformation Tools

People won’t tell you the correct, complete steps of a business process. They will tell you how it should be. Or they describe everything that goes wrong. Getting accurate process documentation means sitting with people and watching them; this is time and resource intensive. Thanks to process mining tools, the process of process capture is […]