FSI & Power Automate

We held our special event yesterday tailored for the Financial Services Industry. There were over 160 registrations and more than 50 people joined the call, which is amazing – thank you. There is definitely “something in the air” with Power Automate and FSI. If you couldn’t make it, see you next time! Below are the […]

Chess, parcels and offices

The best human chess player will never again beat the best machine chess player. Just as a factory of human only parcel sorters will never again be as efficient as a factory of human & machine parcel sorters. It’s easy to 👀 the effect that technology has on games and parcel factories. I often ask […]

Bots-as-a-Service – Mailbox and Document Processing

Document processing; not the most glamorous of business workflows but one that must be done effectively or everything falls over. 💷 Sales Orders💰 Invoices👮🏻 Identification Documents🚨 Claims Forms🏆 Employee Certifications🔐 Non-Disclosure Forms📝 Application Forms📁 New Client Instructions📋 Compliance Checklists Document processing is a perfect use case for intelligent automation. As a guide, per month, 300 […]


🚨 AUTOMATION SET TO GUT 1.5 MILLION JOBS FROM AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY 🚨 A Forrester report released yesterday says “Australia’s job market will shrink by 11%, or 1.5 million workers, by 2030, as artificial intelligence and automation continue to reshape workforces globally.” Are you reading this post because of the first line? It’s a real headline […]

Mystery case study at March Event

“The new solution💰 is 10x cheaper from a licensing cost☕️ has reduced development time by 4x⛅️ leverages cloud to scale to 6x more workload, and💪🏽 is much more resilient.” This is a quote from a Senior Engineering Manager at a very well known multinational which switched to Power Automate in 2020. What to know more? […]