Citizen Developer Stories, Vol.1: Neeha

Neeha Hussein works at a renewable packaging solutions company with over 80 sites, across Australia and New Zealand.

“I’ve learned quite a lot of things in the RPA In a Day workshop. One of them is the possibility of what can be done and what can all be automated kind of opened the conversation that I could have with other people and other resources we have available within my company.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

So, I kind of knew, that we have these resources available for us from Microsoft as part of the office package [but never really used them]. And then I went to our IT team trying to talk to them about what they know about it. And then I figured out that we have a robotics team as well. It is bringing a lot of departments to work together. We all realised we can do so much more. We just needed that one seed. That one seed we needed was the RPA In a Day workshop from FutureAbility.”

I asked Neeha: What have you achieved since the RPA In a Day workshop?

Neeha responded: “Heaps and heaps!

We’re working on automating our reports. So far with the power apps, we had only automated it from a certain point onwards, and then it stops. Then we kind of use the data and manipulate it ourselves to make the reports. Now that I know a lot more from the RPA In a Day workshop, we are going to start from the point of data entry all the way to sending out those reports automatically so that one’s huge.

Our goal is to eventually eliminate human intervention in most of the reports, and I went back to some of my previous power apps and I have made them more efficient.

Changing the flows that were behind those apps also helped me to reduce some of the power apps themselves. We used to have 36 active and after the updates, we now only have 24 active power apps. We have simplified and incorporated some of them which are awesome.

Since RPA In a Day, we have also automated 3 other power apps to send out reports on their own, and in six weeks’ time, we should be able to fully automate 80% of all the reports in my department.

And finally, RPA In a Day sparked teams to work with each other in our company. The teams are coming together with one goal: to help each other in improving and lessening each other’s workload.

I found RPA In a Day, learned it, and then implemented it at work and now we are going to move it across all sites. It is all very exciting!”

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