Digital worker for less than $5k/year

Hire a digital worker for less than $5k/year with Power Automate. Train them in a repetitive yet important task for instant return on investment.

An example: daily IT system checks.

All around Australia, there are humans in corporate IT jobs who, each morning at a set time, open applications, test them, and tick a box or raise an alert.

It’s great to find issues before the clients do. But this is boring, mind-numbing work.

Moreover, these humans are System Administrators; and, in my experience, these are people with to-do lists longer than a Leonard Cohen song.

😎 So let’s free them!
🤖 Let bots do the boring.

Heck, the bot doesn’t have to do the checklist just once a day – at 4 times, it wouldn’t complain. They will message on Teams if there’s an issue.

My team at FutureAbility can implement this – or any similar bot – as part of our Bots-as-a-Service model.

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