FSI & Power Automate

We held our special event yesterday tailored for the Financial Services Industry.

There were over 160 registrations and more than 50 people joined the call, which is amazing – thank you. There is definitely “something in the air” with Power Automate and FSI.

If you couldn’t make it, see you next time!

Below are the follow up links, a summary of the Q&A and the slide deck from the event.

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Is there a solution within Power Automate to bypass 2-step authentication?

It depends on the system that is being integrated; if the API caters for API Keys, OAuth2 using tokens etc, then the application has special secure access that bypasses 2-factor. Happy to talk with you and find out if it’s possible in the case you’re thinking of.

Are there any training programs available, if so where and costs as well?

Yes! We have two training courses available. The first is “Intelligent Automation Primer” and available on Novum Learning. We also run RPA in a Day workshops – free to attend on the last day of every month, or we can host them for your company if your team would like to learn together. More information here.

There’s also an excellent blog post on the Power Automate blog you should check out: https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/power-automate-learning-resources/

Can PowerAutomate desktop bot can be scheduled, if yes, is what is the pricing?

Yes, it can. You need to have the Power Automate with attended RPA license plus the unattended RPA add on. This allows desktop flows to be executed on a VM, called securely from cloud flows. You can cluster unattended bots for high availability, and manage/monitor on Power Automate cloud platform. At the time of writing, you can have 1 unattended bot for less than $4k/year, including all licensing – if you have an enterprise agreement, this may be lower. See here for up to date pricing.

Can Power Automate work on mainframe system, SAP, Salesforce?

Yes; Salesforce has a cloud connector, and SAP can be automated using Power Automate Desktop (there are dedicated actions just for SAP). Contact us to discuss requirements – happy to have a scoping call anytime.

I would love to know is there a trial/community version to get acquainted first before I invest in it?

You can sign up for a Power Automate trial at any time. Go to the website and sign up. If you would like to try unattended RPA as a trial, this can be trickier but there is a trial available – contact us above, happy to walk you through it.

Is PowerAutomate the best tool for embracing Citizen Development?

Out of all the tools I’ve worked with, Microsoft is easiest to use. This does not mean that it’s ready for citizen development – I think that’s a myth (for now). Microsoft’s vision to to make automation easier for all – and out of all the vendors, they have the scale and platform to realise that vision.

I am interested to learn “Why should I switch to PowerAutomate, when I already have other RPA tool doing the job?” Besides pricing and other complementary modules from Microsoft, I would like to know if Power Automate has better “Ease of use/build” than others?

I’ve used many automation platforms and find Microsoft easy to use, but just as all platforms, it has things that drive me crazy and things I think are super cool. It’s personal preference, to some extent, but it’s also pricing and vision that will ultimately lead to swapping out RPA tools. Check out the Forrester report, sign up for a trial and come along to one of our RPA in a Day workshops – you’ll soon know whether Power Automate is for you.

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