How do we initiate tasks for bots when they don’t really exist?

Digital workers, bots, don’t really exist do they? I mean, they do, obviously, but they also don’t. “Schrödinger’s workers”.

So, how do we get them to do our work?

🕓 On a schedule, eg, every 1 minute/week/last day of the month.
⚡️ On an event, eg, when an email arrives, when a file appears, or a new row added to a database or a web form is filled in.
👩🏻 On human interaction, by voice or text – “virtual agents”

Virtual agents are everywhere, from serving banking needs to booking hairdressing appointments.

Power Virtual Agents are baked right into the Power Platform– place chatbots in websites, or in Teams, and let human workers call their digital colleagues for assistance when they need it.

We’ve got a demo of this, and more, at our event next week with Microsoft – join us and 100+ peers for a fun and informative look at automation in 2021.

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