If automation benefits are greater than costs – why wait?

The cost-benefit rule still applies, even in these times. It’s driven business decisions for decades.

Cost > Benefit – don’t do it.
Benefit > Cost – do it.

Benefits of automation are more than time and money – reduced errors, better client service, improved employee morale and enabling future ability.

How do you capture process candidates for automation, along with the benefits? How do you prioritise them transparently and logically?

These are the tips in the final post in the #automationABC series.

We use this framework when working with clients on their automation journeys.

  • Raise awareness that automation will change work
  • Cement buy-in as the foundation of adapting to that change
  • Capture the benefit and start small: only if benefit > cost

What’s a project on your list where you *know* benefit > cost, but you have not started?

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