Intelligent Automation – Under the Hood

“People should only have to focus on the tasks where they can bring unique human value.” Great vision, yeah?

But what does it MEAN?  …and… …umm.. HOW??

“Intelligent Automation – Under the Hood” is our fortnightly event where I run through 5 features of 1 platform that delivers on this vision.

⛏ Process capture – with Process Advisor
⛅️ Cloud flows – for modern applications 
🖥 Desktop flows – for legacy applications 
🧠 AI Builder –  “AI for everyone”
💪🏼 Microsoft Power Platform – seamlessly integrated

Join us for an “under the hood” introduction to the technology that is changing how work gets done. From blue-sky vision to sea-level reality in 45 minutes.

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We have 2 webinars per month so there are many opportunities to catch one of our events.

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