Is “automation intuition” a thing?

Is “automation intuition” a thing? I think yes – but it’s not distributed evenly.

There’s a skill I’ve identified, called automation intuition – the sense that “this thing can be automated” or “lots of things in this business unit can be streamlined”, or “it’s 2021 – tech can do this” and being correct.

I believed that this intuition is a universal skill, everyone has it – especially executives and managers. But, recent conversations have changed my mind.

I still believe this *is* a skill, but not everyone has it – it’s very strong in the people I usually talk with; techies, IT leaders, industry folk – but ‘normal’ people, they don’t have it.

Most managers, most executives, especially outside of the technology cohort, have some “automation intuition” – but not enough. It’s not their fault – lots of other things to do – especially in the last 12 months!

It’s up to us in technology to educate and inform; because today’s lack of “automation intuition” could lead to tomorrow’s market irrelevance.

This insight came from conversations over coffee; if you’re in Sydney CBD, fancy a brew? Drop me a message.

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