Leveraging ChatGPT Custom Instructions

Looking to supercharge your Power Platform solutions? Here’s how you can leverage ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions feature to gain a competitive edge, especially if you’re a citizen developer.

ChatGPT, with its powerful natural language capabilities, can be a valuable asset for citizen developers. Custom instructions offer a way to tailor the behaviour of the ChatGPT model for specific tasks.

The most striking benefit of using custom instructions is the flexibility it brings. You can have the model perform exactly how you want it to. The feature also significantly reduces the time spent on coding and maintenance. Lastly, your users will enjoy an enhanced, context-aware experience, which is invaluable in any application.

Before you dive in, it’s essential to be aware of data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Additionally, make sure you stay within the API call and character limits.

If you’re working on the Power Platform, you can use Power Automate to activate ChatGPT API calls when there are data changes in Dataverse. For a more robust interpretation of the model’s output, AI Builder can be of great help. Once you’re set, you can implement the custom instructions via an API call, and deploy your application. Power Apps can be used to build a user-friendly front-end, while Power Automate can handle the back-end automations.

For those looking for more complex integrations, Azure Logic Apps can be a great third-party connector to consider.

Imagine a Customer Support Bot that can pre-qualify support queries and route them to the correct department. Or think about a system that can automatically extract essential information from emails and populate Dataverse records. And let’s not forget automated summarisation and reporting of Dataverse data changes.

ChatGPT’s custom instructions offer an avenue for citizen developers to bring more depth and customisation to their Power Platform solutions. By understanding the capabilities and limitations of this feature, you can significantly cut down on development time, improve user experience, and solve complex issues.

I guess this is reason #128 to pay for that chatGPT Plus subscription.

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