New employee made from bits goes to work

ITHelper is our latest digital worker put to work last week.

ITHelper’s job (for now) is to solve *one* type of IT ticket, tailor made for our client.

  • It usually takes a human about 12 minutes per ticket: ITHelper takes 1-3
  • Humans “get to the ticket when they see it”: ITHelper sees the ticket within 1 minute and gets on with it
  • Humans hate this task – it’s got lots of itty-bitty-clicky, and it’s easy to make a mistake; ITHelper loves doing it the right way every time
  • If ITHelper gets stuck, it asks for help from human colleagues

ITHelper is built on a world leading, scalable, secure cloud platform provided by our partner Automation Anywhere.

ITHelper doesn’t need beefy servers in your office – or a desk, or coaching, or a career path or even a holiday.

ITHelper just gets on with what it was made to do 24/7, at a super low wage.

The client’s team is beefing up ITHelper’s role – we’re inundated with ideas what it can do next. It’s not even close to 1% utilisation; it won’t ask for a pay rise.

You don’t need to start big with automation. You can start your journey now, and unlock your organisation’s future ability to capitalise on what’s coming.

What *one* rote, boring process is worth unlocking future ability for you?

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