Pool Players Are Safe From ChatGPT – For Now.

Tony experimented over the weekend to show that pool players are safe from chatGPT – for now.

It said that when potting the green (14) the white will “naturally move towards the purple 12” – clearly it doesn’t, even the non-pool players among us can see that.

Isn’t chatGPT dumb? Hahahaha.

Umm, wait a second.

He gave it a photo and eight words, and it was able to understand everything that was going on.

And it very nearly got things right.

This is happening all across professions at the moment – lawyers, doctors, writers, architects, artists, graphic designers, programmers, and more.

Hahaha look how dumb it is, it got it totally wrong.

It’s worth noting that gpt-4 is 10x more capable than gpt-3.5, with an IQ of around 150. So, imagine what gpt-5 will be able to do after another 10x leap and an IQ of 1500, way beyond any human that’s ever lived.

In the pool scenario, gpt-5 will not only get the physics right but could also render a video demonstration with voice-over. Perhaps we’ll be able to upload videos from our games and it will personalise the advice to our unique skill set.

How will this change your work, and what experiments are you doing?

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