Power Automate Hackathon

Our friends over at NetDocuments are hosting a Power Automate Hackathon this year – with bragging rights and cash prizes for the winners.

“Bring your thinking cap and Power Automate skills to craft the best NetDocuments/Power Automate integration that solves real world challenges at our 2021 Hackathon Event.”

If you’re an Australian or NZ based NetDocs customer or partner, why not get yourself an unfair advantage by joining one of our RPA in a Day workshops? 

“RPA in a Day” workshops are FREE and they cover Power Automate:
⛅️ Cloud flows – modern applications using APIs (such as NetDocs)
🖥 Desktop flows – legacy applications using RPA 
🧠 Artificial intelligence models –  easy to use AI Builder
⛏ Process capture – with Process Advisor

Here’s our event page with RPA in a Day events: https://futureability.io/events/

More details about the NetDocs Hackathon here: https://www.netdocuments.com/2021-hackathon

My hackathon entry? I built a NetDocuments Cat Detector last year that looks for new images saved into a cabinet; it then uses a custom AI model to detect cats and alerts a human via Teams if it finds any of those arrogant critters.

If the judges are dog fans, this is a real world game-changer and I’m in with a chance.

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