Power Automate – Just 1 of many services

As you know, We post a lot about Power Automate.

What you might not know is that Power Automate is just one of four services that make up Microsoft Power Platform.

πŸ“± Power Apps πŸ’»

Low code application development (up to 70% cheaper to develop when compared to traditional coding methods.

πŸ“Š Power BI πŸ“ˆ

Data analytics platform to transform data into useful dashboards and visualisations.

🧠 Power Virtual Agents πŸ’¬

Create virtual agents (chatbots) infused with AI, using a guided graphical interface with no code.

Each of these products is best in class, offering efficiency gains and the ability to build powerful solutions by themselves.

Whilst each is individually valuable, they are better together. 

It’s often that when I talk with clients and prospects, we start with Power Automate but end up with a holistic Power Platform approach that is truly transformative for their business.

Drop me a message on LinkedIn if you would like to chat with me about your digital transformation opportunity – we have a framework that I would love to share with you 😊


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