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By 2026, over 75% of new applications will be developed using low-code tools such as Power Platform. But where will these apps come from?

I spoke with a CIO last year who had just taken over at their organisation. Her team is responsible for over 400 apps, serving a user base of less than 2000 people. The support, governance and integration requirements from managing this sprawl requires an unsustainable level of effort.

Therefore, a huge source of transformation over the next 2-3 years will be from ‘legacy’ apps and workflows – replacing, refactoring, rearchitecting and rebuilding. Address the sprawl of vendors, apps and licensing spend by consolidating into one centrally governed, licensed Power Platform.

Read more in the App Modernization White Paper – recently updated with a fresh look and (of course) talk of copilots. The white paper explores the benefits, strategies, and best practices of modernising applications with Power Platform. It provides insights and guidance on how Power Platform can help you ensure the success of application modernisation efforts as part of an organisation’s digital transformation.

Grab a copy here: Application modernization with Power Platform – Power Platform | Microsoft Learn

FutureAbility is a Power Platform partner, helping companies modernise their apps across Australia. Contact us for a chat.

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