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API: The Ultimate Hub

For non-IT people, think of it as a USB port. So with our USB ports, we plug up USB drives, printers, phone chargers, cameras, etc. and they all, despite being

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Is Tech Responsibility a requirement now?

“Tech Responsibility” is an individual’s technical curiosity along with their desire to adapt. Being “non-technical” is no longer a get-out clause; rephrase that to “I’m learning”. Tech Responsibility is knowing

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4 day work week

Companies in the UK are trying out a 4 day week for 6 months. 100% pay, maintain 100% output for 80% time commitment. Technology enables a 4-day week. Learning how

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Power Virtual Agents challenge

I played a lot with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents over the break, preparing for our next “In a Day” workshop. It was easy to create chatbots with complex workflows, automations,

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