Unlocking Transformation: Insights from Priority Matrix Workshops in Transport Sector

We just wrapped up our Priority Matrix workshops with a transport company, and I have to say, it was quite the experience. Tony Brooks, our director, spearheaded these sessions, and let me tell you about what he created.

So, Tony led us through this engaging process where we delved into what success really means for the company. We discussed saving money and time, of course, but also dug deeper into other aspects of success.

Then, we tackled the Ease of Implementation axis. What are the challenges? Is it the processes, change management, data, or systems involved? Tony made us think critically about these factors.

My favorite part was when we explored the solutions within the scope of the Power Platform. We brainstormed processes, business needs, potential solutions, and even scored each one. It was eye-opening to see the possibilities of the Power Platform in action.

Working with different businesses, especially those outside the realm of information companies, is always enlightening. The transport and logistics sector, in particular, has immense potential for transformation, especially with advancements like last-mile delivery tech, self-driving cars, and AI on the horizon.

The end result? Well, sure, we got a fancy spreadsheet with a graph (not the real one, just for illustration), but the real value was in the quality conversations and newfound clarity we gained throughout the process.

We left the workshops not only with a solid outcome but also with a plethora of ideas to enhance future engagements. It’s got me thinking, how do you even begin to choose where to start with transformation?

(The graph depicted herein is not an authentic representation generated during our workshops; rather, it is provided solely for illustrative purposes.)

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