What can automation actually do?

The problem is that the people don’t know what automation can actually do. Vendors are terrible at communicating the capabilities in a way that makes sense – it’s all RPA this, DPA that, API there and AI the other…

I have a workshop for that… making the alphabet soup somewhat digestable.

Check out the feedback from our session yesterday.

“Well-run RPA-in-a-day workshop. Labs were very practical for learning the concepts.”

“Very practicable and actionable. I left with, not only a better understanding of how to build flows, but also how the wider ecosystem works, the range of connectors available, the licensing options and a strategy and path forward to get my ideas flowing!”

“Tony was great at covering all key concepts and providing next steps for those that want to explore RPA in their companies. Highly recommended.”

We have workshops every Thursday for the in August then two in September! head on over to our events page to register for one.

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