What Could Your Team Do With 2 Hours Extra Time in the Day?

Check out our Power Automate success story that helped the NSW Department of Customer Service team get 10 hours back in their week.

FutureAbility’s partnership with Microsoft has helped it perform exceedingly well within its Power Platform niche. In the early stages of the company, FutureAbility predominantly worked with law firms. However, its partnership with Microsoft has allowed the company to develop relationships with organizations in financial services and the government sector. Brooks reflects that “Some sectors can be quite difficult to break into, but when you’ve got a partner like Microsoft, it can be done.” FutureAbility has grown close with several account managers at Microsoft, which has led to shared presentations, collaborative strategic sales initiatives, and overall land opportunities.
FutureAbility’s success with engaging account managers is because of its exclusive focus on Power Platform, giving customers the skills necessary to optimize their workday. As a result, FutureAbility has substantially grown its business.The company successfully built a team based in the Philippines to build customers’ solutions. Brooks expresses gratitude stating that “We have a really good team of developers and testers that are engaged and helping us achieve better outcomes for our clients.”

Read more here: FutureAbility_case study_07112023.pdf (windows.net)

NSW Government automates 10+ hours of work every week
One example of a workshop participant turned FutureAbility customer is New South Wales (NSW) Department of Customer Services (DCS). As a government agency, the organization was technically savvy and passionate about finding new ways to deliver more to citizens. The team also had a wealth of Power Platform capacity that wasn’t being utilized.
Since working with FutureAbility, DCS has automated data entry processes that can occur up to 100 times a day. The first week of using Power Automate, DCS processed over 500 requests, saving the team 40 hours. On average, Power Automate continues to process dozens of requests a day. Even more importantly, response time to requests has gone from days to 10 minutes. DCS can focus its human creativity on identifying ways to protect and support its important work. By automating a once tedious manual task, DCS saw a return on time where 10 hours a week were given back to focus on what really matters—the people of NSW.

Read more here: FutureAbility_case study_07112023.pdf (windows.net)

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