What do bird spotting and driving a car have in common?

Q: What do bird spotting and driving a car have in common?

We once believed machines would never do these things, yet now they do.

We thought that humans are the pinnacle of intelligence and capability. The *only* way that a machine can do a human task is to break it down, have the machine do it the same way.

Build a machine that can watch patiently from bushes that knows all birds, habitats, and recognise the subtle differences between species?
🐦 🐔 🐥 Impossible! 🐦 🐔 🐥

This is what we thought, up until the late 90s.

The advent of advanced processing power, neural networks, and machine learning algorithms means machines can recognise patterns in a fraction of a second – people, trees, cars, zebra crossings: and types of birds.

They don’t “know” what a bird is, they just recognise the pattern.

Machines don’t do it the human way. There’s a warning here for automation projects.

✅ Capture “As-Is” human steps using tools like Process Advisor or Discovery Bot
✅ Design “To-Be” with creativity – don’t just automate the human steps

Business process analysis is the foundation to realising return on investment.

We’ll be looking at it in our March Web Event .

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