What’s a Great Way to Get Started With Power Apps?

Understanding the Patterns of Value in Power Apps is fundamental to realising the full potential of your business workflows. These patterns are tried and tested practices that provide a streamlined approach to solving complex business problems, making Power Apps a go-to solution for those starting their digital transformation journey.

Take the Approval Pattern, for instance. This tool is designed to ensure data and decisions pass through the right hands, enhancing transparency, control, and responsibility. Whether it’s to be reviewed by one or multiple stakeholders, sequentially or all at once, the approval pattern stands as a benchmark for efficient decision-making within the firm.

Remember, Power Apps is not just about the standalone value of a pattern; it’s about understanding how patterns interconnect. The approval pattern, when combined with other patterns such as inspection or audit, can yield immense value by offering a comprehensive review mechanism, strengthening governance.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll delve deeper into the many Patterns of Value available in Power Apps, highlighting their benefits and offering tips on how to implement them effectively in your business processes.

Follow the journey to unlock the power of your business with Patterns of Value.

Read more about the approvals pattern, including real-world use cases here

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